3 – 5 Koala Program

The 3 – 5 Koala Program takes place in the Koala (Kindergarten) Room of the Foster Prom Coast Centres for Children on a Thursday and Friday.

Planned and led by a Bachelor Teacher, the 3 – 5 Program is developed with the children enrolled in the program in mind. It is a play based program which is continually developed for the children, through observations taken by the staff and with the children themselves, being involved.

The programs are tailored specifically for the group and individual children, supporting their differing stages of development. As a multi-age group, the children benefit from a range of social and emotional learning opportunities such as:

  • the younger children learn from the older children, as the older children directly show or explaining to the younger children how some activities work, and the younger children are often observed watching and imitating the older children, thus challenging themselves.
  • the older children are able to learn acceptance of those children not yet at their level of development, they can experience and learn the qualities of leadership, experience pride in supporting those less able and become more patient, accepting and understanding, as younger children might need more time to do things.
  • Children physically develop and learn at different rates, for example a 4 year old child may be at a similar physical development level as a 3 year old, so this child may feel they belong and create friendship with the similar able child.
  • All children bring many things in way of their personalities that are shared and experienced in multi age group.

The 3 to 5 Program operates as a Child Care Benefit Approved Program. The program operates for 50+ weeks per year including through the school holidays. During school term teachers plan and lead the program and are supported by other educators. The teachers lead the program from 8.30am – 1.30pm with the supporting educators conducting the program for the remainder of the day.   During the school holidays educators plan and run the daily programs.

Families interested in enrolling in the 3-5 Program in 2018 are encouraged to complete an Application Form available from PCCC.