About PCCC Inc.

Prom Coast Centres for Children Inc. is a community based approved provider of education and care services in Fish Creek, Foster, Toora and Welshpool

The purposes of PCCC Inc. are to

  • Provide integrated not for profit, early childhood services that link communities, children and families from Fish Creek, Foster, Toora, Welshpool and the surrounding Prom Coast districts.
  • Provide children with access to high quality, education and care that is accessible, welcoming, fun, family friendly, secure, safe and designed to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Support each chid in our services to reach their full potential through education and care programs that build a strong foundation for social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
  •  Provide programs and services that are child and family focused, community driven and that are responsive to the needs of the Prom Coast community.
  •  Connect the community to the services through ownership, investment and by encouraging active involvement of children, families, staff and volunteers in the planning, management and delivery of services
  •  Provide families with access to an integrated network of services that provides readily available information and support
  •  Encourage quality relationships and positive interactions between staff, children and their families so that individual needs can be communicated and supported.
  •  Promote partnerships with other community organisations that encourage coordination and collaboration on projects that support our children and families.
  • Deliver services that are compliant, well governed, and economically sound to ensure the long term viability of each of the centres.

To become a member of PCCC Inc. please collect a membership form from any of the Centres or contact the Executive Support Officer of the association on com@pccc.net.au