Toora & Welshpool Kindergarten

4 Year Old: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday (09.15am-2.15pm)

3 Year Old: Monday (09.15am – 2.15pm)
4 Year Old: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (09.15am – 2.15pm)

Toora & Welshpool Kindergarten operates a 4 Year old and Integrated 3 year old program that alternates between the Centres in the two towns.

At Toora & Welshpool Kindergarten we believe that Early Childhood Education is a vital part of your child’s development and learning. Kindergarten is about having fun while learning. A true play based curriculum is not children “just playing”: it provides activities that are based on children’s interests, strengths and needs.

As educators we contribute to these activities by watching how children use materials, listening and talking with children to find out what they are thinking and attempting to achieve. We support the children in- them becoming aware of their actions, we offer suggestions, we discuss with then materials to use next. We challenge children to think further.

The routine is established to make children feel secure and independent, to move from one activity to another as easily and confidently as possible. Your child is most likely to achieve all learning outcomes when we work in partnership together. We understand parents know their children best of all and we value your knowledge.

Our aim is for all children within our care to have a strong sense of belonging.


  • We, the staff and parents of Toora & Welshpool Kindergarten believe children need to feel safe, respected, valued, happy, encouraged, reassured and cared for.
  • We believe in providing a program which is stimulating, nurturing and responsive to children’s need to learn through play and incorporates the early years and learning development frameworks.
  • We believe in children being actively involved in their own learning.
  • We believe in developing children’s positive self-concept.
  • We believe in providing a program catering for all round development of the child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills.
  • We believe in helping children develop communication skills and ability to interact effectively with others.
  • We believe in giving equal access to all children, acknowledge their different developmental stages and cultural backgrounds.
  • We believe one of our roles is to manage behaviour through guidance, positive attention and encouragement.
  • We appreciate and support the close ties between the child and their family and welcome parental involvement in the program.
  • We believe staff and parents working together in the interests of their children.
  • We believe it takes a community to raise a child