Foster Kindergarten

PCCC Foster operates an integrated kindergarten program for 3 -5 year old children in the Koala Room.  Our integrated kindergarten program provides an educational program for children in the 2 years prior to school entryQualified early childhood teachers and educators work to engage each child in effective learning, promoting communication, thinking, positive relationships, identity and wellbeing. The curriculum is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning or/and the National Early Years Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Framework.

Children are able to attend between the hours of 7.30-6pm. Families are eligible for child care subsidy and fees are payable each fortnight.

The kindergarten program operates on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Our Philosophy

Prom Coast Centre for Children Foster operates a long day care service with an integrated three and four year old Kindergarten program.  We provide quality early childhood care and education that reflects Belonging, Being and Becoming and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks (VEYLDF).

In the provision of this service we believe that children have the right to feel safe, secure and supported at all times, whilst utilising their own individual interests and skills by being actively involved in their own learning through play. 

To achieve this, we provide the space and time for children to explore, share, investigate, grow and further develop. Educators facilitate this growth and development in the children’s learning by positive role modelling, understanding of children’s developmental needs and acceptance of diversity, with an aim to assist in the holistic development of the child.

Educators use current theoretical, educational documentation and practices when developing educational programs. They work in partnership and consultation with families and the community to form respectful and reciprocal relationships, that assist to identify and review the needs of each individual child in line with the five VEYLDF learning outcomes. 

In developing our educational programs, we reflect on our environments and teaching strategies with a view to incorporate all stakeholders in our service and to strive for constant improvement. We believe that through this reflection we will engage in continuous improvement that is responsive and personal to our children, families and community.