Priority of Access

Long Day Care Priority of Access

The long day care programs at the Foster Centre apply the following priority of access in accordance with Family Assistance Law:

  • First Priority: a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Second Priority: is given to workforce participants where a single parent, or both parents are employed, seeking employment or studying or training for future employment.
  • Third Priority: any other child.

Within these main categories priority is also be given to the following children:

  • children in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families
  • children in families which include a disabled person
  • children in families which include an individual whose adjusted taxable income does not exceed the lower income threshold for the tax year or who or whose partner are on income support
  • children in families from a non-English speaking background
  • children in socially isolated families
  • children of single parents.

PCCC also uses the following factors within the above categories to assign places

  • Child’s prior use of the centre
  • Attendance of sibling at centre
  • Work/Study/Training Status of Parent
  • Membership of PCCC Inc.

All families are welcome to use the long day care service however to comply with the government guidelines the service may require a Priority 3 child to vacate a place to make room for a child with a higher priority.  At least 14 days notice will be given in the rare event that there is need for your child to vacate.